Friday, March 16, 2012

There was a MOUSE in the ROOM

Today we all met to discuss what are we going to do next in our film. Because I "Mayye" am in the US right now we had to have the meeting through skype. We did a lot of progress in editing as we are very close of having a rough cut for the whole film. Unfortunately the hard drive where the footage of "Dahlia" and "Rawya" are has some problems. And since we ran out of money as usual we can't even afford buying a new one.  Anyway we decided that it's time to apply for a fund to help us finish the movie but to apply for a fund we have to have a trailer and to write down some documents in both Arabic and English. We all agreed to the following schedule to work on that.

March 21st: Mohamad El Hadidi and Mohamed Zidan will start making the trailer.
March 23rd: Ahmed Magdy will shoot some remaining shots in "Amr".
March 27th: The trailer will be finished.
March 30th: Mohamed Zidan will shoot some remaining shots in "Rawya".
March 31st: Hend Bakr will finish writing all the needed documents.
April 3rd: Mohamad El Hadidi and Mohamed Zidan will make the budget.

Nermeen Salem, Ahmed Ragab, Mohamad El Hadidi, Ahmed Magdy, Mohamed Zidan in a video call with Mayye Zayed

Hend Bakr was a bit late but she joined us later and right before she arrived a mouse came inside the room. Ofcourse everybody was afraid and ran outside leaving Mohamed Zidan and Ahmed Magdy to take care of it. I was watching the whole thing through skype and it was really funny to see both of them trying to find the little poor mouse. So yeah there was a mouse in the room literally !! We don't know if it's a good or a bad sign and we are wondering if we should keep the name or change it. Some of us like Nermeen Salem really hates the name "The Mice Room".


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