Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hadidi's Dream

Last week Mohamad El Hadidi gathered us all to tell us about a dream he had about the film. Since we know that maybe a year later we'll check to this blog, read all these memories about the film and just laugh, I thought I should write this one fine dream down here and share it with you :) The dream starts with the 6 of us wearing the prison uniform. Not the black and white striped uniform but the Egyptian blue one. There were lots of people around us doing nothing but hitting and beating us. And among them there was the film's producer Mark Lotfy, asking them to beat us even more. Despite we were all defenseless and really in pain, Nermeen Salem was just laughing as usual while Mohamed Zidan was all in tears. As we say in Egypt, next time Hadidi please make sure to be covered well before going to bed or in other words sleep tight !!

Ahmed Ragab is posing to take a picture with Mohamad El Hadidi

Mohamed Zidan decided to sleep as well

A priceless picture with Mohamad El Hadidi

These photos are taken from a video where Mohamad El Hadidi is sleeping while we were shooting Hend Bakr's segment "The Girl" last year in June 2011. We were inside a mosque trying to be as quiet as possible when suddenly we heard someone snoring and there was Hadidi in the middle of the mosque falling asleep and making all this music.

Making The Dolly

Ahmed Zayan, Islam El Tayeb, Kirllos Yousif, Mahmoud Fawzy & Sameh Nabil THANK YOU

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