Wednesday, November 21, 2012


On October 16th, 2012 Mayye has received an e-mail saying that the film is accepted in the Producers' Network in Carthage Film Festival. She was very excited but she was not in Egypt at that time so the best way to tell the good news was to have a conference call on skype :) We were very happy as we've been sending the project to different places and always get rejected. This was the first time to be accepted so you can imagine how happy we were :)

All of us in a conference call on skype

Someone from us had to travel so Mayye was chosen BUT this meant that we have to pitch the project. No one of us has ever pitched any project and some of us never even heard of the word "pitching" but we thought it's a good opportunity for us and the film. It's part of the learning process we started by making this film. Mohamad El Hadidi and Ahmed Magdy were busy in finishing Hadidi's short film to screen in it on November 11th. 

Due to many things a week before the festival, Mayye wasn't able to travel so we had to ask the festival if it's possible to let someone else to travel but unfortunately it was too late. Mayye had to travel because the worst pitching she'll ever give will be better than none. In 4 days we had to figure out what to say, make a handmade book, burn many many dvds and print a lot of documents and of course you know that printers and dvd writers don't like this so they of course they have carshed !!

Mohamad El-Hadidi had to translate some documents to French so the film's title became "La Chambre des Souris" which sounds very funny. Anyway FINALLY I made it to Tunisia and it was such a great feeling to find The Mice Room in the festival's catalogue.

The project's description in the festival's catalogue

Right now I'm waiting for my turn to pitch the project so I thought I should kill the time by writing this post :)

My POV in the pitching room


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