Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tetouan International Festival for Mediterranean Cinema 2014

We had two GREAT screenings in Tetouan International Festival for Mediterranean Cinema in Morocco. The film was screened on April 1st in Avenida hall and on April 2nd in Espagnol hall. The Moroccan audience loved the film. Unfortunately, the 6 of us couldn't make it to the screenings, but those who did told us so. They kept sending us pictures, updates and great feedbacks about the film in Morocco.

Hend is putting the film's poster in the entrance of the movie theatre

The festival was only able to invite two of us. This time we had to choose who should go. Tossing a coin seemed the most fair option and Ahmed Magdy Morsy and Hend Bakr were the lucky ones. However, Mayye Zayed & Mohamad El-Hadidi decided to apply to ADEF travel grant "Jiran". Eventually, It was Hadidi who got the grant and he was able to join Hend and Magdy 2 days later. After a long trip, he actually arrived just few minutes before the first screening. Here is an interview, moments before the first screening.

Hadidi & Magdy's interview in MAPTVMaroc (in Arabic)

Hend, Hadidi, Magdy and the film's posters 

We are really grateful to the Moroccan audience who made these 2 screenings and the whole trip unforgettable. We are also very grateful to ADEF for its great support for the film and the filmmakers. Thanks to it and to "Jiran" travel grant, Ahmed Magdy Morsy and Mohamed Zedan were able to attend the film's world premiere in Dubai International Film Festival last December and Mohamad El-Hadidi was able to attend this screening in Morocco. 

Hadidi, Hend & Magdy before the film's premiere in Morocco

Waiting for the movie theatre to be full hopefully

Hend is testing the DCP copy before the screening

The film is being screened in Espanol Hall

Friday, April 18, 2014


The film was accepted in Tetouan International Mediterranean Film Festival in Morocco. In order to screen it there we had to transfer the film to a digital cinema package or in other words "DCP". Since we have applied for other funds to be able to transfer it but never got accepted, we had no choice but to try it ourselves. Like everything else in the process of making this film, we started learning about how to transfer the film to DCP using open source programs like OpenDCP. It seemed like an easy process but the problem was in testing the DCP itself. During this time we tried to get in touch with the manager of Aroma which is a very famous company here in Egypt for post-production services, with the help of our dear friend Maysoon El Massry. Luckily he agreed to offer us a DCP copy without any money. All he needed was to write "the film is transferred to DCP with the support of Aroma" before the film's final credits which seemed fair enough and now we have a DCP copy for the film :)
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