Friday, April 18, 2014


The film was accepted in Tetouan International Mediterranean Film Festival in Morocco. In order to screen it there we had to transfer the film to a digital cinema package or in other words "DCP". Since we have applied for other funds to be able to transfer it but never got accepted, we had no choice but to try it ourselves. Like everything else in the process of making this film, we started learning about how to transfer the film to DCP using open source programs like OpenDCP. It seemed like an easy process but the problem was in testing the DCP itself. During this time we tried to get in touch with the manager of Aroma which is a very famous company here in Egypt for post-production services, with the help of our dear friend Maysoon El Massry. Luckily he agreed to offer us a DCP copy without any money. All he needed was to write "the film is transferred to DCP with the support of Aroma" before the film's final credits which seemed fair enough and now we have a DCP copy for the film :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

LAFF 2014

The film was screened last Friday in Luxor African Film Festival as it was competing for the feature film award. It was the film's Egyptian and African premiere and it was disappointing because of the festival's lack of organization. First of all the film's information and the directors' names were wrong in the festival's catalogue !! The film was supposed to be screened twice; first in a city called El-Tod and then in Luxor but the 2nd screening's location was wrong in the festival's printed and online programme. We had to ask the organizers to print some announcements with the right information and post them with the film's poster all over the place to make sure people know when and where the screening is taking place. Luckily we had some post cards so we tried to invite people to the screening. 

The film's post cards in LAFF 2014

We really wanted to go to the film's first screening but we were very surprised that there were no shuttles or cars to transport us to El-Tod which was one hour away so we couldn't go !! But we did go to the 2nd screening and it was ok. There were problems in the film's audio but at least people showed up.

The film is being screened in LAFF 2014

The 6 directors and the editor Islam Kamal in the Q&A after the screening

We do know that all these issues were not intentional and since this is just the festival's 3rd edition, we do hope that the upcoming editions will be better and more organized. Other than the film's screening we all had a great time in the city of Luxor. The best thing about this festival was the fact that some of the film's crew managed to travel with us. Sameh Nabil, Samir Nabil, Islam Kamal, Mark Lotfy, Mina Nabil THANK YOU.

Monday, December 30, 2013


The closer the film was to be finished, the more nervous we were. We were doing many things at the same time in parallel trying to meet DIFF's deadline. One of the most important things we worked on during that period was the film's poster. We looked at many film posters in order to find something that impress the 6 of us. We fell in love with some film posters that were made in Eastern Europe especially Poland in the 60's, then we began the journey of looking for a graphic designer whose work resembles such direction. We kept looking and looking until we found her on Behance. Maria Ines Gul is a graphic designer living in the UK so this meant lots of Skype meetings :) and the ironic thing is she's actually Polish so she was perfect. We really loved her work and after the experience of working with Anna on the music via Skype, working with Maria seemed like something we are used to or let me say experienced in :)

During a period of three months we had some skype meetings and wrote many many e-mails to each other. Maria sent us many sketches and first drafts and it took us around two months for all of us to agree on one thing. At the beginning we agreed on making two posters but then we ended up with three since we really loved Maria's work :)

Because Maria can't write Arabic, we had to find a way to design the posters in Arabic as well. We asked the Egyptian painter and visual artist Maher Guirguis whose work we really love to design the film's title in Arabic and we were more than happy when he agreed. After this there was one more step left which was transforming the rest of the text to Arabic. Since we were very busy back then, Yousry El-Dardiry who is a friend of Mohamad El-Hadidi and to whom we are very thankful came and volunteered to help us. 

Thank you Maria.. 
Thank you Mr. Guiguis..
Thank you Yousry..
Thank you everybody :)

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