Thursday, September 5, 2013


Since the film is almost finished, we are trying not to forget anyone's name in the film's credits. This film could have never been made without the contribution of all these people who helped us and their continuous support along the way in this very long journey. And even though the film crew members and the cast usually choose in the contract how they want their name to appear in the film's credits and since we didn't write any contract or agreement with any one of them during pre-production, we thought that now is a good time to ask such thing. So if you acted or worked in this film in any way, please write to us how do you want to write your name in both Arabic and English. If you don't speak Arabic like our music composer "Anna Drubich" or our poster designer "Maria", please record to us how do you correctly say your name in your native language :) and we'll do our best to write it correctly in Arabic :) Thank you all again for everything, we are forever grateful.


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