Thursday, May 15, 2014

Screening in Bibliotheca Alexndrina

It is very scary to watch a film you made with the audience. It even more scary when most of this audience is your actors, all your film crew, your friends, your family and all the people supporting you, who are watching the film for the first time. That happened when we decided to screen the film in Bibliotheca Alexandrina last April. Many of the actors haven't seen us for years, since the time of shooting. It was such a joy to meet all of them again and watch the film with them and with our parents, friends and family. After all, we tried to do our best, so that we don't disappoint them. 

The Q&A after the screening was curated by Ahmed Nabil, who is not only the film programmer in Bibliotheca Alexandrina, but also one of the film's assistant directors. All of the above photos are taken by Michel Abu Zakhm, who is one of the film's actors himself.


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