Sunday, August 11, 2013


Since we have been learning everything about filmmaking in this movie, we thought it's time to learn more about dubbing with Samir Nabil who is the film's sound designer and mixer. Because of all the problems we had during shooting, there are some problems in the film's audio. We did our best to record the best audio we could but of course the first stories we shot like Maha, Moussa and the girl have very bad sound due to our lack of experience and the absence of Sameh Nabil; the sound recorder who joined us later in Dahlia, Rawya and Amr. 

Samir Nabil in his studio "The Badroom"

Ahmed Magdy with Mostafa Darweesh (Amr's father) in a dubbing session

Samir Nabil is enjoying his coffee & cigarettes while dubbing one of the scenes 

P.S. The black & white photos in this post are especially dedicated to Ahmed Magdy Morsy whose favourite colors are only these two.


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