Sunday, August 15, 2010

The 1st Segment "Maha"

Because Nermeen Salem was leaving on the August 22nd, 2010 to USA and wouldn't be back before June 2011 we had to stop working on the budget or any thing else and shoot this segment. 

Nermeen Salem, Ahmed Magdy and Mohamad El Hadidi during shooting "Maha" in Cinnabon cafe

August 8th, 2010 was the first day of shooting for the film or the first segment "Maha". It was shot in "Cinnabon" cafe which is a very well known place in Egypt. The owner of the cafe was really welcoming and allowed us shoot in it for free. Even the customers were not allowed upstairs where we were shooting so as not to disturb us. Nermeen and all of us were really thankful to "Cinnabon" cafe and its help.

Shooting a shot from "Maha" in Cinnabon cafe

The actresses are rehearsing their roles before shooting

Mohamed Zidan and Mohamad El Hadidi working on lighting the location

We didn't want to shoot in Ramadan because of fasting plus the fact that we were in August the hottest month of summer. Since Nermeen was leaving after few days we had no other choice and the rest of the shooting days were in Ramadan and some of them were in the streets.

Near Fouad Street in Down Town or "Mahtet El Raml"

Shooting from the car

We finished shooting this segment on August 16th, 2010. It was shot in 6 days and is supposed to start editing soon.


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