Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fig Leaf

We were planning on making this film with almost a zero budget or with only the few amount of money we have but anyway we needed a production manager in the project. Our first choice was Marc Lotfy who is an Alexandrian filmmaker himself who also studied filmmaking in Jesuits Cultural Center. Marc has this studio called "Fig Leaf" which is almost the only studio in Alexandria for independent film production. 
Marc got really excited when we told him about our project and about the idea of making a feature film in Alexandria by Alexandrian filmmakers. He even offered to give us the equipments available in the studio to shoot with in our film. He also discussed with us many aspects of the script and the film as one structure which made some of us change some details in the script. 

Marc helped us to choose the production managers for the whole project as it was very difficult to have only one production manager who works voluntarily. We found that it was better to have one production manager for each two segments so we could have 3 production managers for the whole project. So I guess the idea of Marc Lotfy and his studo Fig Leaf being a part of the project is very useful to us and to "Seven". You can know more about Fig Leaf Studio in the following link:


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