Sunday, June 19, 2011

The 3rd Segmet "The Girl"

On Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 we started shooting the 3rd segment "The Girl" starring Malak Magdy as the girl, Nadia Abdel Salam as the grandmother, Nesreen Nour as the mother and Mosaad Salem as the uncle. We shot two days in a mosque, one day in a school, one day in the street and one day in a house. We finished shooting last Friday, June 17th, 2011. Here are some photos from behind the scenes taken by Mohamad El Hadidi.

Hend Bakr is watching the actors through the camera's LCD

Hend Bakr and Mayye Zayed are shooting from the minbar or the pulpit inside a mosque

Mohamed Zedan who is one of the co-directors worked on this segment as the production manager and he managed to shoot this segment with L.E2000 (around $330) only for 5 days of shooting, which is quite an achievement. Ahmed Ragab was supposed to be the sound engineer but since he had exams, he couldn't come all the time so Nermeen Salem who has just arrived from abroad took over. Sameh Nabil and Mohamad El Hadidi sometimes were also responsible for the sound when Ragab wasn't around.

Ahmed Ragab is explaining to Nermeen Salem what to do before going to the exam

Mohamed Zidan is fixing a neon lamp to the ceiling

Mayye Zayed to the left and Malak Magdy to the right as drawn by Malak in the last day of shooting

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