Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Anna Drubich: Our Music Composer

Since we are in post production now we had to think about music. We believe it is the most important thing to put everything right together and create a certain mood for the whole film. We started looking for music composers in Alexandria first but we couldn't find someone that we all like or someone who is interested in working on more than one segment or two. Then we decided to look for a music composer through the internet. Everybody thought that we have no chance but I believed that we should give it a try. We checked the USC scoring for motion pictures and television program, listened to some great work and totally fell in love with Anna Drubich's work. Anna is a Russian music composer who studied in the US and won several awards in major festivals in Russia. She was our first choice and we were really really lucky when she accepted working with us. We were even more lucky to know that she is volunteering like the rest of us and the whole crew and cast. We sent her the rough cut and now we are working together on the music. It's another dream coming true. Of course we can't find a better way to communicate than Skype and today we had our first video call. God bless the internet, Google and Skype :)

Talking about the film's music in a video call with Anna Drubich

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Editing Workshop

Trying to edit on paper first

Since I came back from the US, we've been editing, editing and editing. Islam Kamal is the main editor but we are all having what you can call an editing workshop. We wrote and directed this film as well as working in each other's segments as DOPs, ADs, Production managers, ... etc, you name it. This film was, is and will always be the most important learning process we've ever had. It's not only a film we are making but a workshop for all aspects of filmmaking we need to learn more about. This is why we decided to have an editing workshop before letting Islam Kamal start his job. Since June 7th, we've been meeting every Monday and Friday at 12 p.m.

Everybody is pretending to be serious infront of the camera

Ahmed Magdy is always ready with his small notebook, tissues and a bottle of water

The film has changed a lot since 2010 when we started writing it and we've changed a lot ourselves as well so editing it the 6 of us together is not an easy task. We finished the rough cut and now we are working on the final edit, the sound design and the music. Then Islam Kamal will take over and put everything right together. What we are really afraid of is that when people watch this film, they feel they are watching 6 short films not one film having 6 segments !!

Hend Bakr is discussing with us the new ideas she has for the film