Monday, December 24, 2012

The First Fan

Few days ago, a guy called "Mahmoud Radi" posted a note on facebook in Arabic. The note summarizes everything we did or thought of while making this film in the past two years. It's like Mahmoud was with us in every step. We are really happy for all this effort Mahmoud has put in writing this note. For the first time we feel that we have a fan for the film. This is why we would like to thank Mahmoud Radi; the film's first fad and thank him for his effort, time and devotion. We all hope he likes the film when he watches it eventually.

Mahmoud Radi's note on facebook

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Trailer

FINALLLLLLLLY we have a trailer :) Please check it and tell us what you think.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Since the beginning we've decided to make this film ourselves and to finish it no matter what happens and since it's our first feature film, we knew it was hard to find production in the early stages so we went through development, pre-production and production with almost a zero budget and a lot of people really helped us to be where we are right now. When we finished shooting and having a rough cut, we thought we should apply for post-production funds or grants for so many reasons. First to finish the film the way we want it with the quality we want but can't afford. Second to finish it on time without having as a problem. Last but not least to learn more about writing proposals and applications, making budgets, pitching, ... etc. We've learned a lot making this film. The 6 of us had a filmmaking workshop but we learned almost everything in this film not in the workshop so it was important to have this experience part of the learning process. 

Since June we've been applying to all the possible grants and finishing funds like Cinereach, Doha, Hubert Bals, San Sebastian & AFAC film grants. Today we've just known the results of AFAC film grant and that the project was not accepted. It was our last hope after being rejected in all the previous grants. We really thought that applying for a finishing or post-production fund was easy but apparently we were so wrong. Today we all met and everybody was disappointed but Nermeen for sure :) so we decided not to waste more time or effort applying or waiting for other grants and that we should have a final cut by January 12th and then we'll work on color correction, audio mixing, music ... etc

A screen shot for the e-mail of rejection from Cinereach 2012

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