Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The "Post-production" Screenplay

Finally we can say we are almost done with the film. Now we have what we can call a first cut. Editing  has been consuming a lot of time and energy but we have a great editor "Islam Kamal" who is patient enough to deal with 6 directors. The small "orange" room where we edit gets very crowded every time the 7 of us meet. At the moment we are also trying to let others watch the first cut and tell us what they think. Some have loved the film, others have hated it but Islam thinks this is better than feeling neutral about it.

Since the film is not divided into segments anymore, Islam suggested that each on of us should write the film's screenplay or treatment again. The film has changed a lot since we began working on it so we met yesterday to discuss the new screenplay each one of us has written. We all came up with new ideas and hopefully we'll have a final cut very soon.

The big piece of paper where Hadidi wrote the film's new screenplay


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