Monday, July 22, 2013

The Final Cut

Yuppppppy we finally have a FINAL CUT. We thought we would never see that day but we actually did it. It's been a tiring job to edit this movie since we are 6 directors, adding a 7th most important person to the process; "Islam Kamal" the editor of course. What was so funny and frustrating at the same time is that each time we thought we had a final cut, one of us comes up with new ideas that s/he wants to try. The possibilities were endless but we reached a point where we knew we should stop, even if we think there are still other cuts or better choices or whatever, so one of us had to be this "bad guy" who tells everybody THAT'S IT and that was Mohamad El-Hadidi. And now no one is even allowed to change one frame :) The hardest lesson we learned was that films are never finished, they are always abandoned.

Now we are working on color grading, music, sound design and mixing. We met our colorist "Tamer Nady" 4 times so far. The first two meetings were to talk about the visual concept and Tamer's ideas about color grading. We are also still communicating with our music composer "Anna Drubich" via e-mail and we've been working on the sound design for a while with our sound designer and mixer "Samir Nabil". To fasten the process we thought it would be very hard for the 6 of us to be present with Tamer or with anyone else the whole time, so we decided to divide the jobs between us. Mohamad El-Hadidi is meeting with Tamer on behalf of the 6 of us, I (Mayye Zaye) am communicating with Anna and Ahmed Magdy is meeting with Samir. The possibilities are still endless but after 3 years of hard work, we really need to finish this film and find a way to screen it properly. The film should be finished by the end of August, otherwise Hadidi will kill us all :) 

Tamer Nady is adding his touches to Moussa in the 2nd meeting

Moussa after being colored

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