Saturday, December 7, 2013

DIFF 2013

The mice have finally left the room :) Yesterday we arrived here in Dubai to attend the 10th edition of Dubai International Film Festival. The film's World Premiere is today in 2 hours actually :) We are very excited but nervous at the same time. We are also very glad that the 6 of us could make it since the festival only invited 4 of us and we had no money to pay for the other two. This is why we applied to ADEF travel grant (Jeeran) to cover the travel expenses of Ahmed Magdy Morsy. Mohamed Zedan was coming anyway to DIFF to participate with a feature documentary in production in Dubai Docs in Dubai Film Connection but he was coming just for 4 days which means he was going to miss the screening. We were over the moon when ADEF accepted Ahmed Magdy Morsy's application. They were also generous enough to make an exception and cover the accommodation expenses of the extra 5 days Mohamed Zedan needed to attend the film's screening. 

So once we arrived yesterday we had no time to rest as we had to go to the festival's opening night. It was our FIRST time to walk on the red carpet and we really enjoyed it :) After all these years and all this hard time, it was our moment. 

The 6 filmmakers and their first time on the red carpet

Since the film is also part of Dubai Film Market, we had to print some postcards and the press kit. We also met MAD solutions our marketing and sales agent to give them all the needed documents.
The film's postcard on one of the festival's decks

Mohamad El-Hadidi has just came in and yelled at me because we have to go to the screening. I told him it's important to post something about the screening but he said it's more important to go to the screening and that was convincing :)


Anonymous said...

مبروك يا شباب :)

حد فيكم يقدر يشرح شوية بس قصة الإخراج فى مصر من غير عضوية النقابة و كده؟ هل ده بيمنع عرض الفيلم أو حاجة؟ الليلة القانونية يعنى من الأخر فى الأفلام المستقلة :)

Rufy's Films said...

الله يبارك فيك .. هو مفيش اي مشكلة انك تعمل فيلم وحتى تعرضه في أي مهرجان دولي من غير ما تكون عضو نقابة. الفكرة في العرض في السينمات. وهنا بقى المشكلة. انك هتبقى محتاج اذن رقابة وانك تدفع غرامات على كل فرد في الفيلم مش عضو نقابة. وحتى لو انت مثلا المخرج وعضو نقابة بس كتبت سيناريو الفيلم فكمان لازم تدفع غرامة كتابة سيناريو عشان دي مش شعبتك في النقابة !!

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